Miami Improv Festival

Miami Improv Festival

Sunday, Jan 19, 2020 at 10:00am




7:00pm: More Cowbell
8:00pm: The Unmentionables
9:00pm: Harrison Ford Focus
10:00pm: Stacey and Joe
11:00pm: MIF 2020 Volunteer Jam


7:00pm: Friends with Benefits
8:00pm: Sick Puppies
9:00pm: Lovers and Madmen
10:00pm: Breakfast Boys


10:00 am

Mastering Group Scenes
$100 - $120
Instructor: Stacey Hallal

Group scenes are critical to a solid improv show. They provide variety, energy, and showcase the ensemble working together as one – plus they are super fun! But they can be also messy, confusing, and awkward. In this workshop, we will explore a variety of group game structures, give and take in big scenes, and the art of building group mind.

Personal Truth in Character Monologues
$100 - $120
Instructor: Joe Bill

In this workshop we will work from telling real stories from our actual lives and then transferring elements of those into the monologues from the brains of characters that we can improvise. We’ll play with characters that are “close to ourselves” and end the workshop stretching into the crazy, absurd or ****** up characters that seem a world away from our actual selves. All characters we play when we improvise are more compelling when they have at least a little bit of “us” in them. I’ll show you how to do that and give you reps in the workshop to practice bringing those sensibilities to the characters you play going forward in your improv life.

1:30 pm

Tune Up Your Duo
$100 - $120
Instructor: Joe Bill

This workshop is exclusively for Improv Duos and you’ll only work with your/the same Duo partner for the whole workshop. You can come with a Duo Partner that you’ve played with before, in shows or in workshop, OR you can come with another person that shares an interest in playing in an Improv Duo with you. I will run the Duos through exercises designed to help you embolden your Duo voice, diversify your humor and give each Duo feedback based on what I see in the workshop that can help you go forward into an Improv world that I love so much and helped to pioneer.

What’s Your Story? – Understanding Narrative in Improv
$100 - $120
Instructor: Stacey Hallal

Telling a good story is hard. Spontaneously inventing a good story in front of an audience is even harder. A group of people spontaneously inventing a good story all together in front of an audience? Well, that’s just insanity. But when it’s done well, it’s one of the most magical experiences in the world. Whether you are doing short form, long form, straightforward narrative or complex structure, this workshop will teach you how to create a shape of scene and show that will leave you AND the audience fully satisfied.