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Dow Museum of Historic Houses

Dow Museum of Historic Houses
149 Cordova Street

The Dow Museum combines interactive experiences, exhibitions and objects to tell the story of Florida's historical and cultural development. This noteworthy Museum is made up of nine historic homes, dating from 1790 to 1910, as well as the collections of museum benefactor Kenneth Worcester Dow. The property highlights both St. Augustine and Florida history making it the perfect place for visitors to begin their tour of America's Oldest City. (Formerly known as Old St. Augustine Village.)

Enjoy our rich collection of architecture, architectural ornaments, antiques, and fine art on display. Through self-guided or conducted tours, visitors have the change to learn about the lives of the original occupants placed in context within the greater story of the development of Florida from the Colonial to the Territorial Period, and from Statehood to the Flagler Era.

The Dow Museum offers many customized group activities including history scavenger hunts, architecture classes, garden classes, and guided tours.

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