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Melbourne - Brevard Zoo

8225 North Wickham Road

A small group of people with a big dream...building a zoo. A world-class zoo that would serve as a conservation hub where people could gather to learn about animals. A place to escape from the urban world and get closer to nature, to be reminded of the diversity of the life with which we share this planet.

They had the vision, but now they needed the resources. Frank Vega, past publisher of Florida Today, recruited several community leaders and the dream started to take form. Executives from the major aerospace companies formed teams to work on architectural designs as well as to provide the labor for the new zoo. A. Duda and Sons generously donated the land - a prime location - for the zoo.


“Wildlife conservation through education and participation.”

To support that mission, we focus on:

-Caring responsibly, professionally and passionately for our animals

-Connecting visitors to the natural world through a relevant, unique and enjoyable Zoo experience

-Educating diverse audiences through authentic learning activities and through our on-going partnership with Brevard Public Schools and other educational providers

-Inspiring and engaging our community in conservation action through participation

-Achieving conservation results by working directly with Florida species, supporting international programs and developing training programs and workshops

-Contributing to the financial health of the region through prudent, accountable and entrepreneurial management.


Sheri A

Thursday, May 3, 2018
I really enjoyed my visit here. Was on vacation. It was a smaller zoo but had a lot to see. Very easy to get around in too. They have one place to get food but it has a lot to choose from. The chicken strips and fries are good. Dad said his cheeseburger was also good. Not sure if food is aloud in or not. They have a train to ride around the zoo. Also have a kid section with a petting zoo. Little water park with sprinklers and a sand box. Also a.c. room to play in set up as a vet's office. Also has sand box in the a.c. room. I'm really glad I went

Isabelle V

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Great family place. This zoo is actually a conservation establishment, so you will see less animals but in better surroundings. There is enough to please small and big kids, although I would say this place is particularly appropriate for toddlers and young children. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Food concession is well priced and fresh. We were very happy with the healthy choices. We stayed there 5 hours, never being bored, and left cause they were closing. I would definitely recommend.

Obiwan Kenobi

Sunday, April 15, 2018
Visited the zoo today. What a fantastic experience! As a local, I have not ventured to this hidden gem but I will certainly return again and again. Park is clean and directions are clearly marked. Docents are knowledgeable and very guest friendly. Animal care is obvious a top priority in each habitat as well as guest safety. Well done. Thank you for a great day!

jamie popplein

Sunday, April 8, 2018
Great place to take the family! Feeding the giraffes was really neat. Kids and adults had a great time. Bring your suit or a change of clothes they have small water play area for kids at the end. Don't forget strollers for young ones. Food is good and reasonably priced. Zoo keepers are always friendly and share info on the animals.

ducky 4504

Friday, April 20, 2018
Absolutely gorgeous! There are so many unique and cool thing to do at this zoo. It is a relatively small zoo compared to the zoo back up north but it was just big enough that you could see and do everything in a day! It was expensive but it was well worth the price . Animals looked happy, people were helpful, and very interactive. 10/10 will definitely bring relatives that visit here!

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