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Tampa - Busch Gardens

10165 North McKinley Drive

Busch Gardens is an extraordinary 335-acre adventure park - an exotic combination of wild animals and even wilder rides. Come face to face with some of the world's most endangered species. See what life is really like high up in the jungle canopy. Or ride a dive coaster that hurtles along at speeds of up to 70mph. Whatever you do here, it's guaranteed to be an adventure.


Katie Bowen

Sunday, May 13, 2018
Once again, I’m confused by the 1 ⭐️ reviews! Sure the food is pricey but it’s an amusement park... so it should be expected. I’ve never ever had a problem taking in snacks and drinks (including bottle water) for my son under 2. He enjoys the Sesame Street area a lot. He’s not quite tall enough for some of the rides but there’s some I can ride with him so that’s fun. The Stanley falls flume allows children 2+ to ride so we’re really looking forward to that. It is just me and my husband and child who always go and we do the child swap for the roller coasters. Ask any of the employees at the entrance of the quick queue line. We have the annual pass and the fun card that include adventure island and they’re so worth it. The cafe beside cheetah hunt is really good if you’re looking for more than just fried food. They have fresh fruit options that’s really good for kids. Don’t miss the kids size drop tower by the splash pad and tree house in jungala 🙌🏽 10/10 recommend

Sarah Martinez

Tuesday, May 1, 2018
Lots of fun for all ages. You have to try Falcons Fury if you are a thrill seeker. If you like BBQ go to the smokehouse it’s amazing! Beer is kind of pricey, I like to drink at amusement parks while waiting in line and waking around but overall it was a lot of fun. I have an annual pass to go back all year long and they have great events during the summer so check it out!

Matt Norton

Thursday, May 10, 2018
Best park in Florida, has something for everyone. This is the most beautiful zoo around, it has open architecture so you feel it as part of the full amusement experience. If you do not enjoy or are unable to go on rides enjoy the zoo and all it has to offer! If you do enjoy rides again best in Florida! Have a great day at Busch Gardens! Trust me

John DeCou

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Absolutely loved it! So many things to see and do. If you ask me, all zoos should also coincidentally be attached to an awesome amusement park with roller coasters and all sorts of fun stuff. We got the eat-all-day pass (or whatever it's called) which allowed us to (if we were so inclined) eat as much food in the park as we wanted! It's not just snacks either. I mean hamburgers and turkey legs with a side, drink, and dessert. There were NO LINES when I went for any of the roller coasters, so that may have had an influence on my enjoyment of the rides, but I have done my fair share of waiting at other amusement parks and I can tell you it would have been worth the theoretical wait. In my opinion, this is a better value than Disney World and would definitely come here again granted the opportunity. Also, lots of really cool animals!

Ed Proffitt

Sunday, April 22, 2018
Great time, just super crowded - but it was a sunny Saturday so to be expected I suppose. Had to purchase a pair of "quick queue" passes ($150) for my son and I just to be able to ride the rides, as the wait times stayed around and hour per throughout the entire day. Food quality at the actual restaurants exceeded expectations but again, there were super long lines and limited seating to eat as well. The small drink/snack stations positioned throughout the park were not at all satisfactory in my opinion. Those attendants moved like sloths and, on the norm took me up to 20 minutes to get a simple drink with only two or three customers in line in front of me. They seemed almost annoyed when someone new joined the line (eyes rolling, and moving even slower). Two or three employees and two or three registers at each......and on such a super busy day, only one register was open or being used at those stations, and the other one or two employees were clearly ducking work acting like they were wiping counters or something similar, at a snail's pace. Anyway, if you go on a busy day, better get the "quick queue" passes for big $ if you intend on riding rides. Don't expect friendly or employees that want to work at the drink/snack stations. Be prepared to wait in super long lines if you decide to eat real food lunch there. We will be back, because I bought season passes. Next time we will be better prepared and maybe try to shoot for what we think may be a less crowded day.

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