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Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise


COME AWAY....COME AWAY WITH CAPTAIN MEMO'S Original PIRATE CRUISE to the less traveled road of briny buccaneers and seafaring seadogs. Set your course with the cool reggae island & steel band music playing throughout the rigging of the PIRATES RANSOM. Every passenger will enjoy their choice of free soft drinks, beer, wine, and champagne, while searching for the bountiful dolphins, while aboard ship. For you more spirited pirates you may belly on up to our full service bar to purchase your favorite libation.

While onboard get lost in the pirate antics of a treasure hunt, face painting, water gun games, stories and dancing for all ages. For you adult pirates, join the Pirate Captain on the "adults only deck."

The spirited pirates are individually selected by Captain Memo himself. Meet the entire Crew here! They are chosen not only for their enthusiastic personalities and immeasurable politeness, but also for their knowledgeable seamanship abilities. Wenches: Panama Pam, Treasure Chest Terri, Mischievous Melissa, and Sea Breeze Sharon. Captains: Gangplank Gary, Blackjack Gerry, Shanghai Steve and Pirates: Scurvy Steve, Koconut Kristin, Venturous Vinny, Jellyfish Josh, Kastaway Kevin, Adventuress Annnabell, Peppermint Patti, Jack Knife Joe and Shipwreck Sam are all anxious to meet you..

Don't be fooled by the imitations, there is only one Original Pirate Cruise and that is Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise located ONLY on Clearwater Beach for over 37 years, ARGH!


Nahir Rosado

Tuesday, June 19, 2018
I had a very fun time celebrating my 12 year wedding anniversary with my husband on the 2pm cruise. They gave us special commemorative pins and they took our picture with the captain before boarding the ship. We ended up buying that picture with a very nice pirate themed frame. Water, soda, beer, and wine were complimentary. They offered a full service bar with drinks and $1 snacks. There were 4 restrooms on board. The crew was fun and upbeat. They have an "adults only" deck on top. The views of Clearwater and Tampa were awesome. They have many activities for the kiddos. We got to see a pod of dolphins on our trip. The captain stopped the ship and we were able to observe the dolphins for a good 10-15 minutes. The 2 hour tour was perfect. I can't wait to come back next time I'm in Clearwater.

Billy Davis

Tuesday, June 19, 2018
My wife and I threw away the idea of having a traditional wedding, and decided to take a step into the realm of adventure and radicalism! Above all else, we wanted to start our lives together as husband and wife having fun, and being kids! That's where the idea of hiring Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise to do the job came in (yes, it was my wife's idea). We could not have been happier with our decision! The boat is literally a modern replica of an old pirate ship, whispering childhood memories of old pirate tales and nodding a hint of homage to the local mascots, stories, traditions, and even history of the Tampa Bay area. Of course, who doesn't want to pretend to be Jack Sparrow for a day, either? Now, i'm sure it can be difficult enough to accommodate a large party for any occasion; I can only imagine it becomes especially difficult when that party is a wedding! I also imagine they probably don't hosts too many wedding parties, either. That being said, they lived up to their promises and left everyone ecstatic with their performance, and the wedding in general. In fact, they exceeded all expectations. The crew were all happy, exciting, friendly, and extremely helpful. Pam and Melissa left a lasting impression on my wife and I, too, with their level of professionalism, and desire to be accommodating and helpful. Their eagerness to satisfy our desires by catering to all our little creature comforts is something we will be grateful for indefinitely. When things took a serious turn for the worse by an unexpected medical emergency, the crew maintained a calm and professional demeanor, and were discreet and helpful. They tended to the situation, but did it in a manner subtle enough that avoided panic and chaos; in fact, most people didn't even realize there was a problem. Luckily, we had a doctor on board to render immediate assistance, and the crew made sure Paramedics were waiting for us when we got back to the marina. The gentleman who had a seizure was fine, and was able to walk off the ship with the paramedics. I cannot speak highly enough of this business and their employees, and I highly recommend them to anyone considering using them. They're great for anything from a quick stroll into the Gulf, to a major wedding party.

Candace Cundiff

Monday, June 18, 2018
Fun cruise. Reasonably priced. Free beer, wine, champagne, soft drinks. Kids activities the entire time. Adults only areas. Beautiful weather. Friendly, outgoing staff. Would rate A +. Well worth it.

David Fleming

Thursday, April 5, 2018
10 Stars!!! Here’s how it went. We took a pic before boarding, got a free drink and found our seat. Once they got underway they called all the kids into the first level galley area and started entertaining them with games that included coming back out and interacting with the parents, squirting us with pirate water pistols etc. They entertained the kids for the entire two hours. While the kids were being entertained they continually came around to the adults with FREE beer and wine. They ended things with an awesome dance party for the kids and still more beer and wine. Even with the beer and wine flowing it was still 100% family friendly. I don’t drink but I still thought it was the best value for kids and adults EVER. I’ve been to Medieval Times, other boat rides, you name it we’ve done it and NOTHING even comes close. Teenagers might be s little bored because the games are more fore elementary and early middle school and they’re not old enough to drink BUT if you have young kids and enjoy a beer and wine you WILL not have a better time. My wife and I are 47 and our son is 7. Also, we went on the 7:00pm sunset so hot weather wasn’t an issue. Not sure it would be the best in the hottest part of the day.

Sheila L

Sunday, June 24, 2018
Lots of fun. Came with a few little boys. Decent wine and sangria and beer included. Crew tried to make sure all kids were included and even brought booze to the upper decks. My kids want to go again!

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