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Cranium Clubhouse

4068 Winter Garden Vineland Road

Cranium Clubhouse is extreme learning and extreme fun. Cranium Clubhouse offers the prestigious Cranium Academy, a completely unique preschool through second grade experience. School highlights include an advanced learning curriculum, a modern montessori approach towards critical thinking, innovative technology and custom learning paths for each child. In addition, we offer summer/holiday camps, tutoring, after school programs, birthday parties, gym and dance.


Heidi Barley

Thursday, May 10, 2018
My 4-year-old has loved his time at Cranium. The teachers and staff are so caring and helpful. They all take the time to get to know us personally. The activities are so fun - structured enough to make sure the kids know what to expect but free-form enough to let them explore. My son has learned Spanish, sign language, yoga, songs, rules and more. My son is a very advanced reader and I’ve been impressed at how individualized his learning plan is. He has the same assignments as the other kids but may be asked to read a book to the class, given an additional assignment or given homework that is more appropriate for his level. We have signed his up for VPK next year and are so excited.

Wendy Nguyen

Saturday, May 12, 2018
teachers are awsome. they love kids But DIRECTORS are so rude.

Labu Gaming

Friday, Feb. 23, 2018
This school is terrible, my child hated everyday of school! The teachers do not know how to teach!! They scream at the students and make them be silent all day if they say a peep they get in trouble!! Trust me don’t send you kids here!!! Do your bank account and your kids a favor and go somewhere else!!

Kristine C.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Cranium Academy has exceeded our expectations for providing the best private school education in this area. We are so pleased that we enrolled our son into this awesome school. The academic standards are high, the environment is creative and fun. The staff is attentive and our son truly receives a customized education based on his skills and interests. He enjoys this school so much, he asked to go to summer camp there and is having a blast!

Knights Inn Kissimmee

Monday, April 17, 2017
Awesome school, my son was going there when he was 3 and then my husband thought he wasn't learning much so we took him out and put him in JCC, but Within couple months I found out Cranium was far better then JCC , I kept calling cranium and they had the class full so I couldn't put my son back in cranium but thankfully they opened another class in october and called me and I jumped on it straight way. My child fell so far behind in 3 months but thankfully he is a fast learner and the teachers are helpful so he cought up and now being in Prek, he knows how to read, write, additions, and subtraction. ALL THANKS TO CRANIUM AND THE GREAT TEACHERS!!!! CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH, and my daughter will definately go to cranium this year.

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