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Daytona Ice Arena

2400 South Ridgewood Avenue, Suite 63D

Daytona Ice Arena, the coolest place in Daytona Beach, offers a unique and exciting recreational experience to locals and out of town visitors. Only minutes from the world's most famous beach, 30 minutes or less from nearly all Daytona Beach Metro suburbs. 

Escape the Florida heat and stay cool at the Daytona Ice Arena! Ice skating is a fun way to stay cool, fit and have fun! We offer daily ice skating sessions.


Justin Hintz

Thursday, July 19, 2018
Came with a groupon purchase with my wife and two boys. They had a blast!!! All the staff was super friendly and made sure everyone on the ice was safe. They even had these Walker things for the kids to use to help them stand up....a little bit longer :) nice little snack area and the place itself is fairly large. great experience overall .

Scott Emerson Clark

Friday, June 8, 2018
This was a cool place (no pun intended). We took a church group there and everything was incredibly nice. The ice was good and the skates were just fine. We had a bit of an accident with one of the students, but the staff was helpful and professional in making sure that first aid was applied correctly. I highly recommend them!

Jason otelo

Monday, June 25, 2018
I am from New York but I really love Daytona Beach I go a lot a few times a year and me and my girlfriend discovered this place because when you go so much you need to find a lot of different things to do and for the price this place is very nice Usually not packed at all unless you go on a weekend At night or something and even then it's still pretty good no complaints the only thing I will say in the negative is very small sometimes you might get skates if you're renting them that are a little ripped or beat up that could dig into your skin if you do get anything like that The staff is very friendly and will give you a better pair.. 5 stars

Sara Newcome

Sunday, May 6, 2018
My little sister loves it here, she has a strong passion for skating and the people here support her in every way they can. They keep it clean and safe for the kids. Great place to visit in the summer.

American Law Enforcer

Tuesday, July 3, 2018
A great place with friendly staff. The only ice skating experience in the greater Daytona Beach area.

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