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Lake Rogers Park

Lake Rogers Park
9010 North Mobley Rd.

Located in northwestern Hillsborough County, Lake Rogers Park is the "newest" of the County's regional parks when it opened in 2000. Owned by the City of St. Petersburg, this 272-acre park was developed as a joint venture between the City and Hillsborough County.

First time visitors will notice that the park has two public entrances along North Mobley Road, with kiosks and parking lots, while an entrance for staff access and maintenance is along Gunn Highway. Fishermen and kayakers can enjoy the two fresh water lakes that enhance the beauty of the park, including Lake Rogers, which is the one of the largest Lakes in the County and the only one that is completely under public ownership by the City.

After strolling and biking through trails flanked by pine flatwoods and oak hammocks, Campers can take advantage of the park amenities, such as picnic shelters and tables, portable restrooms, and barbecue grills.

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