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In 1957, a group of teachers, several civic groups and other interested members of the community  established the Tallahassee Junior Museum to offer school children enriching experiences with science, art, history, and world cultures. In the 1960s, it moved to its present location on a chain of lakes. By 1980, the Museum exhibits included a collection of restored historical buildings, and by 1990 its Wildlife Florida Trail of native wildlife featured Florida panthers and endangered red wolves.

Regional growth and the strengths of its collection led the Museum to revise its mission and focus on the region’s natural environment and cultural history. It dedicated itself to increased professionalism and in 1985 received AAM accreditation (renewed 1998, 2009). A 1989 capital campaign raised over one million dollars to add a visitor center, improved parking, renovated exhibition spaces, café, enhanced visitor amenities and offices, and to expand the potential for hosting significant traveling exhibits.  In 1992, the Museum changed its name from the Tallahassee Junior Museum and in 2005 the Museum officially began doing business as the “Tallahassee Museum.”

In 2013, the Museum added digital access to its collections through its website. A new interpretive plan, adopted in 2012 and initiated in 2013, guides the Museum in remaining relevant to its growing community. The addition of the Tallahassee Tree-to-Tree Adventures courses, Jim Gary’s Twentieth Century Dinosaurs, an outdoor sculpture exhibit featuring the largest collection of works by Jim Gary, and improvements to the Visitor Center entrance and the Florida Wildlife Trail are only the first results of the new interpretive approach. The community takes pride in its Museum, one of the few in the nation that combines historical buildings with a living display of native animals in a biologically beautiful and diverse setting.


Carolyn Blevins

Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018
Oh my gosh. I love this place. Located on Museum Drive, the Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science is one of the top Tallahassee attractions that consists of an environmental science center, several historic buildings, and a natural habitat zoo. The museum’s goal is to educate people about the cultural and natural history of the Beg Bend area in which the city of Tallahassee is situated. There are several exhibits, and one of the most popular is Big Ben Farm. This exhibit shows visitors what rural life was like in northern Florida in the 1800s; visitors see farm buildings with animals, houses, gardens, and a gristmill. Wildlife Florida allows visitors to see many animals like bears, bobcats, and deer, as well as the endangered Florida panther and red wolves. The museum also has Animal Encounters, a program in which staff members show and teach children about one of the museum’s animals.

A. Gibbon

Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Our kids enjoyed doing the Tree to Tree Adventures at the Museum. They only did the first two segments. It was quite a workout, but was fun. Our daughter wasn't as into it, because it's not "her thing", but she did it anyway. Our son, who loves this kind of stuff, LOVED IT & was disappointed that they didn't do the 3rd segment! It certainly takes patience & thought, as you learn how to make the equipment work. We had a wonderful guide who followed our group through the course. He was very patient, which we needed. We also enjoyed seeing the different animals at the museum. Very impressive!!

Eva Fiallos-Diaz

Saturday, July 14, 2018
Really great place to take your out of town visitors (if they haven't been before) or the kids to run around. Especially during the cooler months. Really hot during summer. Not sure what is going on with the guest animals lately but they generally do a good job having a guest animal (and advertising it) to add some novelty to the place. Same with the addition of the Tree to Tree Adventures zip line and year round music events. Once you've been there once or twice it can get a bit old, especially compared to most city zoos. So it is nice to visit for special events like the PBS events and such. The preschool summer camp staff was AMAZING but the older kids' camp was disorganized. We were given conflicting information for pick up and drop off and were given paper communication for past camp classes. The kids both enjoyed it though. Another favorite are the metal dinosaur sculptures throughout the museum.

Heather Miller

Sunday, July 1, 2018
This was so fun. Way more than any museum I've ever been to. The blacksmith was awesome. The animals and the walk through to see them were amazing. Definitely go and us as a active duty military family got in free on Saturday.

Nicole O'Leary

Friday, Aug. 10, 2018
This museum is a staple in Tallahassee. Its perfect for kids, teens, and even adults. They take good care of the animals they keep here, provide fun Florida history, and have recently added an exciting zipline adventure. We went about once a week all summer and the kids still didn't get bored

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