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Wheels Skate BMX Park

Wheels Skate BMX Park
4701 Golden Gate Parkway

Wheels Skate BMX Park is home to one of the most exciting park attractions. It is an annex of the Golden Gate Community Center. It showcases dozens of competitions throughout the year for both children and adults. 

The skate park offers a dynamic flow to skaters of all ages. Skate clinics are offered during the school calendar year, and skate camps during the summer break. 

Wheels Skate Park also provides skaters the opportunity for social interaction during the late skate socials and a place to demonstrate their skills during skate competitions. 

Wheels Skate & BMX Park is home to Naples BMX which offers a unique opportunity for Bicycle Motocross enthusiasts of all ages to learn, practice and improve their BMX racing skills. The BMX track also offers clinics and camps for all interested riders in this new Olympic sport. 

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