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Jacksonville Maritime Heritage Center

2 Independent Drive, Suite 162

The Jacksonville Maritime Heritage Center is a non-profit, educational association and collects books, documents, artifacts, and other historical objects significant to General Maritime History of Jacksonville and Florida's First Coast; preserves their historical value; and interprets their meaning to the public by means of museum displays, educational programs, lectures and publications.

The mission of the Jacksonville Maritime Heritage Center is to preserve and interpret the maritime history of Jacksonville and the First Coast in order to foster among all residents and visitors a deeper appreciation of our maritime heritage.

The strength of the JMHC collection lies in its connections between artifacts and the people who owned, used, and learned from them.

We seek to create a positive, memorable experience for both children and adults.

The Maritime Heritage Center is open six days a week (closed on Mondays).

Jacksonville Maritime Heritage Center is not affiliated with AmericanTowns Media